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Sander Noorman

Sander Noorman
Telecom, Services & Technology

Based in the Rotterdam office
+31 10 282 3547



Joris Huisman
New Venture Director

Based in the San Francisco office
+1 415 395 6105

Great answers for telecom businesses

Advanced market research for telecom operators and device manufacturers

How can you extract more value from your product and service portfolio? Which product features are well received and at which price points? Which product bundles should you offer and to whom? Which products should you develop to attract new customers or generate additional revenues? And what communication strategy allows you to realize the full potential of your products and services?

SKIM's telecom experts have vast experience of answering strategic questions for leading telecom operators and device manufacturers around the world, both in consumer and in B2B markets.

We gladly use our industry expertise and knowledge of advanced research methodologies to help you influence your target audience's choice behavior. Browse through our site or contact us to learn how!

Our telecom areas of expertise

  • Products and service bundling

    As the telecom market converges and competition increases, you can be sure that someone is tapping into your customer base.

  • Technological change

    Determine how quickly new technologies will be adopted, and identify the benefits that will drive their acceptance.

  • Business-to-business

    Business-to-business marketing is more complex than consumer marketing, and the traditional way.