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SKIM launches improved virtual shelf for pricing research

More realistic shopping experience, greater engagement, improved insights

While having conducted choice-based conjoint studies for over 30 years, we are always looking for ways to improve our research methods. We continuously develop our 'back-end' design and analysis tools and skills. However, with the digital world becoming more visual-oriented every day, we realized there is a need to improve the look and feel of our 'front-end' conjoint questionnaires as well.

We are proud to share our latest development: the new SKIM virtual shelf.

SKIM virtual shelf: experience for yourself

Please click on one of the thumbnails below to experience a SKIM virtual shelf survey for yourself!

VS-baby   VS-laundry

SKIM virtual shelf: what it is

'SKIM virtual shelf' displays test products in a competitive environment, on a virtual retail shelf, replicating the consumer's in-store purchase situation. At SKIM, virtual shelves are utilized in Choice-Based Conjoint type of studies, often related to consumer goods portfolio pricing strategies. 

The power of a virtual shelf is in closely replicating a retail shelf, while at the same time maximizing our flexibility to influence different aspects of shelf design and measure their impact on consumer choice behavior.

SKIM virtual shelf: what is new

Up until now virtual shelf representations in choice-based conjoint were usually two-dimensional. Although the pack shots can be shown with a 3D perspective and a rollover/zoom-in function is available, it is still limited in terms of visual representation of the real life shopping situation.

Not content with this, we kicked off an innovation project to significantly improve the look and feel, and the functionalities of our virtual shopping trips. This resulted in the following features and advantages:

More realistic shopping experience

When shopping, the respondent can take a product from the shelf to examine it in more detail using zoom and 3D rotation capabilities, and literally 'dragging-and-dropping' their purchases into a shopping basket/cart.

Increased respondent engagement

Respondents are more engaged throughout the shopping tasks due to greater interactivity, and literally 'dragging-and-dropping' their purchases into their 'shopping basket/cart'. Even upon starting the exercise, individual respondents can receive fully customized instruction texts.

Closer replication of in-store shelves

The SKIM virtual shelf provides the opportunity to replicate in-store shelf arrangement, e.g. create brand blocks and category blocks. Different shelf background themes are available to create the appropriate store environment. You can choose whether products are with additional information such as a price tags or promotions.

Automatic adaptation to screen

The SKIM virtual shelf supports automatic adaption of the shelf to the respondent's screen resolution. Also, based on the number of products (brands and SKUs) in the study, the virtual shelf automatically defines the optimal grid. At the same time it also accommodates for a realistic number of facings (and stacks) for every product.

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