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SKIM presented in PMRG's 2012 webinar series on December 5:

Using online bulletin boards for global research studies

Seeking a creative and cost-effective method to engage respondents? Hoping to gain deeper insights with the flexibility to adapt questions and trigger group discussions? If so, online bulletin board may be the best approach for your next study. At SKIM, we have developed an expertise in the application of bulletin boards and similar online platforms for qualitative research. We shared tips and learnings with PMRG members through this upcoming webinar.

Are you a PMRG member? The recording of the webinar will be uploaded to the PMRG website on December 7, have a look here and learn about using online bulletin boards for your qualitative research!

SKIM's PMRG Global.Market.Research webinar case study

On December 5th one of our qualitative research experts, Hannah Baker, explored the use of online bulletin boards in the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) Winter Webinar Series. She shared the benefits of using online bulletin boards for qualitative studies and see how this methodology is best used in global research.

During the webinar, Hannah used a case study based on a recent 10-country project on consumer attitudes toward their health. This project was conducted to support product ideation sessions with a client's global product development team, identifying global and regional themes and concepts for new product ideas and new messaging themes. This case study was used to demonstrate the benefits and boons, as well as the perils and pitfalls, of conducting global qualitative research studies using the online bulletin board methodology. Moderators of the Chinese, Brazilian, US and German boards also participated in the webinar to describe issues that were important for each country, and presented a summary analysis comparing and contrasting the challenges and learnings across all ten countries.

Challenges and lessons learned from global online qualitative research

Despite the numerous advantages, challenges remain and lessons learned using this methodology were explored, including recruitment challenges and technical considerations, and how they differ by country. Hannah provided advice and tips for managing and including a global client team to provide strong buy-in and insight throughout the process. Participants in the webinar also discovered how to manage the communication, findings, and daily output, learned about specific country issues for online qualitative boards, and as a result, appreciated the challenges related to undertaking a global qualitative bulletin board research project.

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