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Menu-Based Choice modeling


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Menu-Based Choice: how your company can benefit from MBC

If your company offers products that allow customers to choose their preferred options or features, how can you determine the options to offer and the optimal price points for each? The answer is Menu-Based Choice modeling (MBC).

MBC modeling is the latest development in the field of discrete choice methodology. MBC describes choices in markets where customers have freedom to customize the design of a product. By using MBC, you can compare the performance of portfolios of different options and different prices. 

Take a look at this video to find out - in a non-technical way - more about MBC:

 If you are unable to view the video on this page, click here to view it on youtube.com.

Read our fictional MBC case studies

We have published a series of easy-to-read MBC case studies to provide you with concrete ideas on how MBC could be relevant to your company:


Case Study 1: 'Your Furniture Your Way' seeks to break out of the mold

Case Study 2: 'Wired Telecom' seeks to regain its market leadership position

Case Study 3: 'MotorCars Unlimited' strives to set itself apart in the market

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About SKIM

With a methodological heart and conjoint in our roots, SKIM has been a discrete choice specialist since 1979. We have been closely involved in the development and testing of Sawtooth Software's Menu-Based Choice conjoint technologies and have written and presented various papers on MBC. We have applied MBC multiple times to solve complex business questions from top multinationals worldwide.