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Sander Noorman

Sander Noorman
Telecom, Services & Technology

Based in the Rotterdam office
+31 10 282 3547



Juan Andrés Tello
Senior Director Americas

Based in the San José office (CR)
+506 40527272
+1 201 234 4013 (for US)

Great answers for the finance industry

Advanced market research solutions for financial services providers

How will switching from local branch offices to direct banking impact your client retention rate? How much will your new service drive customer recruitment? Is it worth packaging payment services with insurance? Is your price architecture optimal? Which propositions should you offer and to whom?

SKIM's finance specialists are experts in helping financial institutions rise to new challenges and exploit new opportunities. Challenges like advances in technology and new business models, and the entry of new, often foreign competitors. We help our clients test and optimize products and portfolios, leverage their brand, connect better with their customers and build loyalty, value and retention.

Our finance areas of expertise

  • Portfolio optimization

    As the financial services market converges and competition increases, you can be sure someone is tapping into your customer base.

  • Customer loyalty

    Financial products and services are complex, and it is very hard for customers to make an informed and balanced decision.

  • Direct banking

    Many financial companies are changing from a branch structure to direct operations. It's more efficient, but how will this impact your client base?