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Benoit Gouhier

Benoît Gouhier
Consumer Health

Based in the Geneva office
+31 10 282 3535



Juan Andrés Tello
Senior Director Americas

Based in the San José office (CR)
+506 40527272
+1 201 234 4013 (for US)

Great answers for consumer health businesses

Advanced market research solutions for medical nutrition, functional foods, OTC drugs and cosmeceuticals.

More and more, consumers are taking a leading role and interest in managing their own health and physical appearance. Yet, healthcare professionals often have an important role in guiding and comforting them in their health choice.

Bridging our knowledge from both the consumer and healthcare markets, we provide marketing research solutions specifically designed for supporting consumer and pharmaceutical companies in their marketing strategies.

Our consumer health areas of expertise

  • Pricing and forecasting

    How much can you ask for your health product to encourage sustained usage? What will be the impact of your Rx-to-OTC switch on the choice for your drug?

  • Product messaging

    What messages will convince healthcare professionals to recommend your product and consumers to pay for it? Which health claim resonates better with your consumers: should you focus on ingredients or on health benefits?

  • New product development

    Which vehicle should you choose to drive consumer choice for your new health product: a drink, powder or a capsule? Is your health benefit perceived as clinically relevant next to currently available options?



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