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Mini Kalivianakis

Mini Kalivianakis
Global Business Director
Based in the Rotterdam office
+31 10 282 3551



Juan Andrés Tello
Senior Director Americas

Based in the San José office (CR)
+506 40527272
+1 201 234 4013 (for US)

Great answers for consumer businesses

SKIM's consumer market experts have years of experience in answering strategically relevant business questions from multinational companies and global consumer brands alike, such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé and Philips.

To our clients we are a leader in advanced research methods. Combined with our business acumen, we are the people to turn to when insight matters. What's the optimal price architecture for your brand and product portfolio? Have you got your pricing right to set for a strong portfolio - financially, tactically and strategically?

How to make your communication efforts stand out from the crowd? What product claims to use to attract the consumer's attention, drive trial and boost our sales?

How to optimally build your product portfolio? What product characteristics are needed to have, which are nice to have? How much are consumers willing to pay for your products, services and features?

Our consumer areas of expertise

  • Optimize your portfolio pricing structure

    Improve your sales and profitability by leveraging price, pack size and promotions.

  • Develop a winning product claim

    Find the claim that best communicates the unique benefits of your product.

  • Optimize your innovation pipeline

    Discover, evaluate and select product characteristics to optimize value to the consumer.